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September 4, 2011

What is Marxism/Communism in a nutshell?

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Why is this so important to understand? Because in fighting the evils of communism (and
its many collectivist permutations) it is imperative – as in any battle – to know one’s
enemy. It has been said that “communism is not an ideology in which men believe, but
a conspiracy in which men participate.” That being an amply proven fact, it is the
height of folly to persist in the belief that it is solely “on the battlefield of
ideas that the fate of the world will be decided.” Honest dupes and misguided
idealists may be intellectually converted, that is true, but those who have consciously
chosen evil are not likely to be converted by “ideas.” They must be morally and
spiritually converted, or restrained by force. Sending missionaries into troubled areas to
help keep youngsters from going into a life of crime may be a wise preventive measure, but
without an essential police presence with adequate investigation and enforcement efforts,
common hoods and organized criminal elements will soon overwhelm the unprotected.