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Divinatio Est

April 6, 2011

Jesus once told the Apostle Peter that the knowledge that he had received that Jesus was the Christ was given to him by revelation through God the Father. And that upon that rock, the rock of revelation, Christ would build his Church. So it is today. si Dei sint, divinatio est.

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On the other hand, Holland reminds us, an open canon—“a Bible with the back cover torn off” (209)—has intuitive, even logical appeal. The God of the biblical anthology is manifestly a God who speaks, and it is only natural to expect that God will continue to speak today. In the terms of an ancient Latin truism that Holland employs to good effect, si Dei sint, divinatio est (“if Gods exist, revelation exists”; Latter-day Saints may recall Hugh B. Brown’s famous 1955 “Profile of a Prophet” speech on this point).