Regulate the Value Thereof

What it means to regulate the value of foreign or domestic coin.

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Vieira notes how the founders used precise linguistic wording in their
use of the phrases “fix the standard” and “regulate. . . value” and
subtly diverge in meaning:

The phrase “fix the standard” empowers Congress to
define the basic units of “Weights and Measures”; whereas, the phrase
“regulate the Value” empowers Congress only to apply the basic unit of
“Value”, which the constitution elsewhere explicitly identifies as the
“dollar”, a known, historically fixed weight of silver. Moreover,
whereas the verb “fix” as applied to “Weights and Measures” implies
“stability and confirmation”, the verb “regulate” as applied to coinage
implies continuous adjustment. . . the Framers. . . in one phrase
selecting the verb that connotes the establishment of permanent
“Standards”, without which a system of “Weights and Measures” cold not
serve its purpose; and, in the other, choosing the synonym that
connotes a process of inter-comparisons among changing forms of
coinage, according to a set “Money-Unit”, without which a monetary
system involving both gold and silver could not achieve its end.(26)

26. Vieira, pg 51.




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