Here’s Grant Hardy’s take on the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) of the Bible.

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Absolutely the NRSV. The number of competing Bible translations can be overwhelming, but there are only a few that really stand out in terms of popularity and scholarship–the New Revised Standard Version, the Revised English Bible (based on the New English Bible) and the New International Bible. The REB can sometimes be a bit creative in its renderings, while the NIV can sound a bit flat and is occasionally biased toward Evangelical interpretations. By contrast the NRSV is an updated and corrected version of the King James Version, so it retains most of the features celebrated by Prof. David Norton in his BYU Forum address yesterday, but it takes into account better manuscripts and linguistic advances that were unknown to scholars in the early 1600s. For LDS readers, the NRSV still uses familiar phrasing and has the dignity and resonance that we love in scripture. It’s just much more accurate and understandable (and the paragraphing, subheadings, and poetic stanzas make a world of difference). The publisher advertises the NRSV as “the most trusted, most accepted, and most accurate English translation of the Bible available today.” That seems about right to me. Get yourself a copy and your understanding of the Bible will increase by an order of magnitude.




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